IMG_0694Selecting a Pet Care Service is just as important as selecting a day-care facility for your child. It is important that a strong bond develops between myself and your four-legged family member and you, the pet owner. Due to the fact I spend a lot of time with your pet, naturally, I will share the love and care also.

While at work, holidays, I will help you to enjoy peace of mind in knowing that your pet is getting the love, care, attention and exercise that he or she needs to stay happy and healthy.

The services that I offer are: Doggy Frolics, Feeding, Playing, General Welfare, Behavioural Problems, & Canine Massage Therapy 

As a client, I offer you to be added to my weekly schedule.

If your pet is a dog I will come to your house, collect and exercise for 1.5 hours in a safe environment.  During this time your dog will enjoy running about freely, trying out agility, playing and most importantly socialising with friends.  A large kennel is available should your pet require a rest.

The safety and well being of your pet is my first priority.  I would also never have more than 3 small/medium sized dogs at any one time.

If your pet is a cat I will visit your home on a daily basis, or as often as required, to attend to their every need. This will allow them to stay in their own comfortable and familiar surroundings. This service would also include feeding, exercising and playing with them.

Reasons to use my Pet Care Service in addition to the basic needs of food and shelter are: Animals require social interaction, positive attention from their owner, exercise and mental stimulation. Many of these needs can be met by simply allowing your dog to socialise with friends.  Long periods of confinement can create loneliness in pets which can lead to boredom, depression and sometimes even destructive behaviour.

When making house visits, Hearts & Bones will if required, ensure there are no items left on your doorstep to advertise your absence. Open and close curtains as necessary, move any post and newspapers away from the letterbox and door and turn on/off lights as required.

Any further requirements will be fulfilled if possible.

I am also a qualified Dog Psychologist.  If your dog displays any signs of the following problems, please call, I may be able to help:

Does your dog have separation-related problems?
Has your dog any phobias?
Does your dog display various forms of aggression?
Has your dog shown destructive behaviour?
These are just a few of the problems that your pet may suffer from.
Tel: 0141 571 5894 or 07734 229468