Thought 8

For many of us, the park and beach are the only places where we can really stretch our legs.  The daily walk on a lead is good forthought8 basic physical maintenance and keeps us all in check, while a run off lead helps to spend our energy and stimulate us.  The odd thing about the beach is that while it allows for lots of fun and was seemingly invented for canines, it was actually created as an excuse for humans to have the most stupid conversations imaginable! 

Where do humans go all day?

None of us like to be left alone, the mind begins to wander. Where is my owner?  This is just like them, they do this every Monday to Friday.  Are they in the park or down at the beach?  Are they with another dog?  Are they having fun without me?

You’ll be relieved to hear that the answer to that last question is a  resounding “no”.  Your owner is at work, which is just like a boarding kennel for humans.  More than likely, they are sitting in a small cube-shaped space for approximately eight hours, taking orders from their “boss” or Alpha.  They are probably generally submissive and thinking about how badly they want to go home.  They are not particularly happy about it, but they do however enjoy socialising with fellow workers, sneaking a nap when their boss in not in and taking advantage of unlimited coffee refills.  Their reward for going to work is a little bit of money to spend on you, their one and only, whom they are always happy to come home to.  Greet them warmly.