Paws for thought

SPA51304Sometimes it’s good to stop and have a “Paws for thought!”


Beware of the dog.

Never be fooled by size, small can be deadly effective!

If you need me, I’m all ears.

One of the reasons that dogs make such great friends is that they are excellent listeners and never tell you when you are wrong!

Eau de fox, de cow, de duck?

Why, oh why, oh why do they do it?

I guess the urge to smother oneself in the very freshest of scents is simply too much for any canine to resist.  It turns a good walk into a great walk but the car journey home unbearable!

I’d really like to keep this one.

My friend suggested the idea of the dog out on its walk discovering the most prized of all treasures – the stick!

From then on, it seemed that every dog I passed on my walks had it’s own stick and all had one thing in common.

The stick has to be big!!!


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